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Advice on my gift idea?

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  • Advice on my gift idea?


    My cousin's birthday is coming up and I happen to have the same birthday as she does. I was planning on getting us a spa & salon package for us girls, but I was not too sure if the massages would affect her in any way. She will be turning 24 and she goes through dialysis 3 times a week. Could anyone please give me advice on this? Would it be alright for her to go through a spa session and what else should I look out for when looking for special packages like this?

    thank you!

    Gillian M.

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    Hi mouag11, happy early birthday to you and your cousin! It's best to consult with her local care team on whether or not a massage would be okay. Everyone's medical needs are different so it's always best to speak with medical professionals.

    Thank you!


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        First, I send happy birthday wishes to your cousin, and about the gift you gave, in my opinion, before doing a treatment at the spa, you should find out if the service there is really Is it good? You can also choose a gift such as a bag, purse, shoes or a beautiful dress. wordle hint