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I missed coca cola and other soft drinks

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  • I missed coca cola and other soft drinks

    I love Dr. Pepper, Coca cola, and Pepsi. Sprite and Root beer and orange just get kind of old after a while. I found a new product called Zevia. It is all natural made with stevia. There are 15 different flavors and there is no phosphorus in them. Even in the cola flavored. I was surprised when I opened a grape flavored Zevia. I was expecting a darker colored drink. It was as clear as sprite. Then I realized that it is supposed all natural and there were not any food colorings like normal grape would have. They have one called
    Dr.Zevia, it is similar to Dr. Pepper. I ordered mine through amazon.

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    I hear ya on that

    I miss soft drinks too.But they just arent worth the pain.Stevia is a good choice.
    I have a bad reaction to Nutrasweet/diet products(aspartame).Stevia at least allows
    me my green tea.


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