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  • Salt substitute

    What are good substitutes for salt for people with CKD?

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    Herb seasoning blends like Mrs. Dash or homemade blends are popular low-sodium substitutes. The main goal is to enhance flavors in the food plus add additional flavorings without adding salt. Infused oils and vinegars, lemon or lime juice, fruit-based sauces and fresh herbs are all good choices. Potassium-based salt substitutes are not recommended because the potassium content is very high, A very small amount of salt or high-sodium seasonings may be acceptable as long as the total sodium content of the meal does not exceed one third of your daily sodium goal.


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      Thanks...I will check out the 'Mrs. Dash' choices....luckily their website shows the Potassium content for each choice.


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        Most salt-substitutes are nothing more than potassium chloride, which is much worse for kidney patients than salt is. Better to just learn to get by without the taste of salt, and use other safer herbs and spices.


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          Dac0214, that is the same information I have found in my research. I use herbs for flavor in my food. Not salt substitutes.


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            Spicing with onions, ginger, black pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper and coriander helps a lot. Coriander is especially good in sauces and together with garlich can spice up a sweet red pepper sauce very well. Turmeric is also good, if you like yellow foods. But you do need some salt, I had cut it out altogether and got muscle spasms, my doc insists on 1 g per day. .. and some supplementation with iodine, if it s not in the diet. Mixing sweet and sour also seems to work. Hope this helps.


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