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Fruit Smoothie

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  • Fruit Smoothie

    [DISCLAIMER: The recipes I share are non-dialysis and fit into the guidelines that "I" have received from "my' dieticians / nutritionists. They may or may not be appropriate for you, so be sure to check with your own doctor/dietician/nutritionist. Different stages of kidney disease have different requirements for diet and should be based on your own lab results.]

    [RECIPES: Because of multiple health issues, some of which make cooking/meal preparation difficult, I search the internet for recipes that are quick, fast, easy, and simple. And only for allowable foods that I like....LOL. I am trying to be as strict as possible in eating from the lists of allowable foods only, while still trying to ensure that I meet basic nutritional needs as given to me by "my" health team.]
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    Fruit Smoothie

    1 serving

    Low calorie version of a smoothie that will satisfy a sweet tooth without sending you into sugar shock. It's thick enough that it can be eaten as a sorbet.

    5 blackberries
    7 cherries
    4 medium strawberries
    4 ice cubes
    6 fl oz soy milk

    In a blender add the ice, then the fruit, then the soy milk.
    Blend for 2-5 minutes until the fruit is completely blended.
    Pour into a cup and enjoy with either a spoon or a straw.
    Note: fruit can be fresh or frozen.

    [MY COMMENT: For me, I would use rice milk or almond milk}

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    Try using Coconut milk instead of Soy. Also freeze the berries first... like a milkshake, but no dairy and healthy.


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      I thought rice milk was the best? Was I told wrong


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