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  • Nutritional Yeast

    Does anyone on this forum have any experience using nutritional yeast? Like many, I need to cut down/eliminate most cheeses and dairy products from my diet. I was/am a semi-vegetarian and I really miss cheese. There are many vegan cheese sauce recipes out there that use nutritional yeast, as it supposedly has a cheesy flavour. There is a simple recipe for faux cheese sauce on this website that uses it too, but I cannot find any reliable phosphorus info on nutritional yeast and there don't seem to be any detailed discussions of it on here.

    So two things: First, is nutritional yeast safe to add to a low phosphorus diet? Second, how does it taste? I have read rave reviews by vegans, but I am aware that their opinions will be coloured by the fact that they don't eat cheese anyway!

    Thanks for any insight anyone has.
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