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I love iced tea but I'm a bit confused.

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  • I love iced tea but I'm a bit confused.

    Maybe someone can clear this up a bit: The renal diet guidelines given to me by the hospital state that iced tea is a no-no for dialysis patients. The guidelines in the paperwork from the dialysis center say it's OK

    From the DaVita website.
    "Instead of cola or Dr. Pepper® have cream soda, lemon-lime soda, grape soda, homemade lemonade, homemade iced tea or root beer."

    Many other resources say it's OK.

    How am am I supposed to get correct information when everyone says something different? I really like tea.

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    Hello arronlock,

    Homemade ice tea is perfectly fine to drink for individuals with renal insufficiency - on dialysis or pre-dialysis. The confusion stems from the vast variety of bottled and canned ice tea products on the market. A number of these employ some form of phosphate compound as a preservative or flavor stablilizer/enhancer.

    All you need do is read the ingredients on the labels and avoid the product if it contains the word phosphate or phosphorus in any chemical compound. I don't recall specifically, but my HHD clinic dietician provided me a detailed list of packaged beverage do's and don'ts, and bottled teas like Snapple may have been do's and Lipton may have been don'ts.

    If that isn't complicated enough, there may be some Lipton tea's that are fine and others not, it all depends on the ingredients. Get used to reading the labels of everything you eat and drink, and avoiding products with potassium and phosphorus or any chemical combination of these in their listed ingredients.

    Colas and Dr. Pepper are a slam dunk "don'ts" as they contain phosphoric acid. Root beer may look like a cola but it does not contain phosphoric acid and so it is on the "do" list of beverages.
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      Over a year after your reply, you are helping someone else, stumpr54. Thank you!


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        great advice
        Adapt and overcome.......


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          HI. I have drank iced tea for like 40 years now. A gallon a day. It goes everywhere I go. Its decaf too. The ER nurse told me if I dont stop drinking tea I will be having kidney dialysis. I was just diagnosed stage 3.


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