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  • mushy peas

    Are mushy peas kidney friendly

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    Not sure if anyone's watching this thread, as it's a couple years old, but thought I'd give some kind of answer to this, as this is a traditional British dish.

    Be aware that mushy peas will contain sodium bicarbonate. If you are buying pre-made, canned/tinned mushy peas, then read the label to make sure there are no phosphate/potassium additives and that it is low in salt. I don't have any on hand, but somehow I doubt that they'd be low in sodium. There are also pre-packaged dried mushy pea mixes. As always, read the label so you know what's in it. I suppose you can make your own from scratch. These are most often made with dried peas, I think, rather than fresh, so may be high in potassium and phosphate. I know some of us are supposed to avoid beans and peas due to this. I would check with your dietitian to make sure that you can safely replace part of the protein in your meal with mushy peas.


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