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Finger foods to feed a crowd--ideas?

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  • Finger foods to feed a crowd--ideas?

    Hi there! We host a get-together once a week, and we like to serve refreshments after the activity. One of our participants is on a renal diet. I really want to have something he can enjoy with the group, so I have been making some of the recipes here on the website for about two months now, and he has been so appreciative.

    The trouble I'm running into is that they are proving to be quite labor intensive. I'm finding I'm spending hours in the kitchen just to make light refreshments. Maybe it's because a lot is from scratch or because each portion has to be made (like the turkey meatballs)? I don't know.

    So are there any good shortcut foods, something to make prep a little faster? Are there pre-made things I can buy at Wal-Mart and then layer in a big dish or bake and slice into individual portions?

    I'm thinkng about converting the raspberry wing recipe into a crockpot chicken breast cracker topping. Something like that. I so appreciate any ideas or tips you can share. Thank you!