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Is Sweet-N-Low (saccharin) safe for use by someone with stage 3 CKD?

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  • Is Sweet-N-Low (saccharin) safe for use by someone with stage 3 CKD?

    Is Sweet-N-Low (saccharin) safe for use by someone with stage 3 CKD?

    Great question! With diabetes being associated with higher incidences of kidney disease, it stands to reason that people are trying to reduce their sugar intake while following a kidney friendly diet. There are five sugar substitutes which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States. These include: Aspartame, Stevia, Saccharin, Acesulfame K, and Sucralose.
    Saccharin is one of the first artificial sweeteners that became available commercially. It has been criticized for its link to bladder cancer in rats, but the FDA has refuted that connection. Saccharin is typically marketed under the brand names of Sweet'N Low and Sugar Twin. You can bake with saccharin and use it in cooking, but it is sometimes reported to have a slightly bitter aftertaste. There are no studies at this time to suggest that patients following a renal diet should avoid saccharin. Sucralose (brand name Splenda) on the other hand has been widely studied by the FDA. Sucralose is not a sugar, but is a modified sugar molecule that cannot be absorbed by the human body. The findings from over 100 studies by the FDA show no specific health or cancer risk associated with it. So, if you are really concerned about which artificial sweetener to choose, Sucralose may be a better bet.

    Jaime Austin, RDN, CSG, LD. DaVita Renal Dietitian, Janesville WI.

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    Monk fruit is another natural sweetener that will not greatly affect blood sugar. Everyone is different- you need to test your blood sugar after eating it to see how it affects you.


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