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Pinto Beans on a Kidney Diet

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  • Pinto Beans on a Kidney Diet

    Q: If my numbers are good, can I have an occasional serving of pinto beans?

    A: Yes, you can definitely have an occasional serving of pinto beans. Portion control and frequency are key considerations. Beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber and can be safely included in a renal diet as long as your lab values are in good control. A ½ cup serving contains 110 mg of phosphorus, 331 mg of potassium and 322 mg of sodium (if canned). In order to reduce the sodium content, you could rinse the beans under water in a colander or prepare from dried beans. If you have pinto beans on a given day, be careful not to eat many other high phosphorus or high potassium foods on the same day. Also, if your doctor has prescribed a phosphorus binder for you, remember to take it with your meal. Jaime Austin, Renal Dietitian

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