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Lupin all-purpose flour

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  • Lupin all-purpose flour

    I stumbled upon this in walmart and picked it up, but reading further into it I'm wondering if it's alright for my husband who is renal failure and is this too much natural phosphate considering it's a legume. It has lupin[legume] flour, rice flour, soy flour, and potato starch. But it also has 11g of protien per serving, 10g of diary fiber and only 1g of sugars [not added sugars]. It states it has 236mg of potassium [his potassium levels are decent and low], but not sure exactly how much natural phosphate [no added in this] is in this product and I've googled through looking.

    Is this safe? Serving size 1/4 cup and with the gravy's I make, it won't even reach that amount, maybe 1TBS at the most.

    Thank you

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    email or wite the company that makes it and ask your ? address should be on pkg


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