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    As a dialysis patient I know I have to avoid certain foods and be more restrictive of what I drink. My husband who is a healthy individual (thank God) doesn't seem to understand this. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy and likes his boxed rice and pasta side and frozen veggies. I have put in place some changes to benefit my condition but am still meeting opposition. I'm not sure how to substitute what he likes into what I can eat. One hard part for me is that I grew up eating pasta 3 times a week with different red sauces. Changing this norm for me is hard. I don't do white sauces because that involves milk or cream and I'm supposed to watch my intake of those. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to incorporate foods we both like but in a healthier way?

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    I have the same issue with my husband whose diet relies heavily on chocolate chip cookies and take-out. I would suggest you worry about your food first and then try to add ingredients for him. For example, you can cook pasta and mix yours with a butter, broth or olive oil based saute of protein and vegetables while giving your husband tomato based sauce. Or you could make a pot roast with root vegetables and potatoes and give him the potatoes. You can cook rice and add salt to his once it's cooked.

    I have the same pasta dilemma because there are not many choices when you eliminate dairy and tomato sauces. You can have a little cheese or broth based sauce. Frozen vegetables are fine to eat but not the prepared kinds that are full of salt. There are plenty of spices and herbs dialysis patients can have. You just need to experiment to see which ones you both enjoy. And as I stated above, you can always add salt to his portion. My doctor has said adding salt on top of food makes it taste saltier than cooking with salt as an ingredient yet you use much less.

    There are lots of free recipes online on Davita's site and most kidney sites have some if not many. There are many cookbooks for renal patients but honestly I have not found many with great recipes. I try to cook meals from scratch with as many fresh ingredients as possible and then you don't have to worry so much about what bad ingredients are lurking. You can use regular recipes, too, but eliminate the ones with higher risk ingredients like high potassium fruits and vegetables and don't add the salt.


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      Thank you. You make a lot of sense....Michele


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        Thanks for the best diet, i will try this for sure
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