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Holiday Cooking

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  • Holiday Cooking

    Hi everyone! The holidays can be overwhelming especially when you're trying to keep your menu kidney-friendly. has a lot of kidney-friendly recipes to make your meal planning easier! Share your favorite kidney-friendly dishes and holiday cooking tips here!

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    Serving vegetable trays and fruit trays. Cooking low salt, but adding seasonings for flavor. Love Penzey's spices. They have so many salt free blends.


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      We live in Texas, and the New Year's Day tradition is to eat black-eyed peas for "good luck". We love the dried ones in the winter, and I'm wondering if soaking them, draining and rinsing them, and using fresh water to cook them leaches some of the potassium from them, like it does potatoes? We love dried beans of all kinds, and if this is true, it would be so helpful.


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        Soaking or boiling to reduce potassium is more effective when a food is cut up to expose the inside flesh to water. Since peas are so small it does not make sense to slice them, and since they are 'contained' in a skin there is not much inside exposure to the cooking water. However, I believe the cooking process and soaking does remove some potassium and phosphorus. When comparing 1/2 cup black-eyed peas made from dried peas to canned black-eyed peas the potassium is 30 mg lower and phosphorus 50 mg lower in the canned peas. Most people following a kidney diet can include a 1/2 cup serving of black-eyed peas for the special New Year's meal. Balance the day's intake by planning other lower potassium and phosphorus foods during the day. You can use DaVita Diet Helper to plan your meals for the day to see how close you are to your nutrient goals. If you take phosphate binders be sure to take them with the meal.


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          Thanks so much. We had a lovely New Year's traditional supper. My husband always takes a binder with every meal or snack. I did use dried peas, soaked and rinsed before cooking, so I could eliminate the salt. l diligently use the Planner and Tracker every day and keep track of everything my husband eats. You may have seen the two-part blog I wrote for this site. I was also a quest speaker on a company conference call not very long ago, expressing my appreciation. It has totally transformed our lives, and we are so grateful for the entire website, but especially the Diet Helper. As the cook in our family, I have gone from total frustration and bewilderment to complete confidence in planning his meals. We eat very well, and his lab has been stable for the past six months, with a one-point improvement in his GFR to 19, from 18! Thanks again.


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            Thank you for the insight!


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