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"Eating Out"

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    Re: "Eating Out"

    I have recently read an article about eating out in a restaurant vs. cooking at home. Here it is:

    Doing the mathematics of eating at restaurants is generally simple - if the time you save not cooking is worth the extra price of a restaurant meal. One recent study claims that, with current price fluctuations, eating at restaurants may actually be less costly. Article resource: Eating out vs. cooking in

    I guess, this must be studied very well. Because my opinion about this topic is that, it's more costly when you eat at a restaurant and also it's not really that healthy unlike cooking your food at home, you are sure what you are eating, how clean it is, how safe to eat it and you'll control about the ingredients being put in there. What's your reaction with this article?


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      Re: "Eating Out"

      This is a very hard struggle for me. I am stage 4 kidney disease. I must also eat gluten free. But I have dcreased my intake until i can fully adhere to the proper diet. I am tooooooo tired to cook at home when I return from work.

      Stage 5 CKD / Non diabetic, Controlled HBP / Diagnosed with SLE - Feb 1975 / Remission - July 2003 / Diagnosed with Lupus Kidney Disease - 1989 / Fistula installed - Aug 2011 / Ballooned - May 2012 / May not be candidate for kidney transplant or PD(Blood transfusion; stomach hernia repair, caesarian birth, etc.) (MY JOURNEY)


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        Re: "Eating Out"

        I have stuggled for year with eating out and staying on the terrible diet.

        I find most restaurant offer potatoes a million ways, but they will also offer rice or veggies.

        I get boring always eating rice as a side,but it is an accectable choice found at most steak houses, tex-mex restaurants, and chilis type places.

        Since ive been on dialysis (going on 5 years) I find tex-mex the best choice for me. I get fajitas because they are filling and i control exactly what goes in them.


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          Re: "Eating Out"

          It's very hard to not eat dinner, if you are working until 11 pm..


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            Are you in SC? I live near Easley and there is a Chinese restaurant that has several meals for special diets like our kidney diet. Perhaps most do - check their menu.


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              hello good day hi I was just going through and i would like to refer the only restraunt that I can currently go to since now i cant go out to eat often. The place is called Flame broiler. Its like chinese but with less sodium. I dont know but I love their steamed veggies and rice. Its all organic i believe. since i am a college student and i am always running on low cash and really lazy its a quick place to grab dinner. hopefully this helps thanks
              -alexa 19/stage 5 kidney failure