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    Re: depression

    Aw, Cicero, that's a good post! You're a wonderful cheerleader!
    Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, 17% renal function, 11 years
    *Non diabetic *Non dialysis
    High Blood Pressure, controlled

    "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."
    ~Corrie ten Boom


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      Re: depression

      I totally agree! Cicero is the greatest....and has made a huge difference in my attitude and the attitude of others on this forum. I greatly respect all of his posts and I just hope that I can keep an attitude comparable to his if/when I transition to dialysis. Cicero, your attention to others is most admirable - you get the Medal of Honor in my book.

      CKD-Stage 2
      non-diabetic, controlled HBP
      GFR-65, Diagnosed August, 2010


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        Re: depression

        Well guys thanks, but my theory is God just took my kidneys, he left the rest. So since no one will hire a 75 year old with kidney disease and since I have to have a purpose in life, this and some others like this are it.
        Just a normal human trying to earn his/her keep.
        Best regards
        May God have mercy on us all


        Idiopathic globular membranous nephritis 1999-2006
        Feb 2006 Dx about 1-2 yrs before dialysis. Dialysis start 6-2006
        Chest Cath 4 mos in center hemo dialysis
        Fistula, button holes, self stick days 07-09 in center hemo
        Graft nocturnal hemo 4Q09 to present


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          Re: depression

          Cicero, I love it! We should all have your attitude no matter what we are trying to live with.

          Thanks so much!
          Spouse has Stage 2 CKD, GFR 62
          Diagnosed March 2011
          Non-diabetic, No HBP


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            Re: depression

            I agree with the rest of the group, Cicero you do a FANTASTIC job!!!
            We're very lucky to have you!!
            Keep up the good work!
            Take care and God Bless!!

            I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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              Re: depression

              I feel for you JenJen. I feel depressed like you do when it comes to the eating part. I am stage 3 and my potassium is elevated so I know where you are coming from. It just gets to me when someone will say to me "oh this one time won't kill you". If I listened to them, it would kill me because they are always saying it. I have to go to a family get together tomorrow and I am making the pasta salad, I know that my sister will complain becuase it is not the pasta salad that I used to make. This is a kidney friendly receipe that I got from here, but she won't be happy with it. They say that they understand how we feel, but they really have no clue. I try to find the posiitve in everday life and I am making strides, so just hang in there JenJen and do the best that you can :-). I am so happy that I have found this website!!!!!!
              Pre-dialysis, polycistic kidneys, stage 3


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                Re: depression

                Originally posted by Tonia View Post
                Hi jenjen, You should read some of the posts that Cicero has written. What really helps when your in a funk is to find a way to help or connect with someone else. It gives us purpose and helps put our perspective back where it belongs. And hey--you can eat a little you know! Moderation is key.
                Well said Tonia.


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                  Re: depression

                  Cicero - What an uplifting post that touched me!!!! God Bless You!!!! (I feel he already has!!! :-)


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                    Re: depression

                    Thank you folks for all the information. You are such an inspiration to me in my search to help my dad.
                    Father's Caregiver


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                      Re: depression

                      Depression is mental disease. In this disease the patient feel alone and want o do suicide. To recover from this patient have to build confidence in it and I think that yoga and meditation will help them more.
                      ipad story book


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                        Re: depression

                        Where are these lists of high/low phos? Iam actually afraid to eat!!! (new stage 3).
                        Please & thank you. nionditwo


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                          Re: depression

                          I too am in stage three. My neph prescribed sodium bicarbonate tablets. not prescription. My level went to normal.
                          Stage 3, non diabetic GFR 37