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More proof that the renal diet really works

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  • Originally posted by babette3 View Post
    Hi new here ...Kdee and wrwagner what exactly is your diet are you able to give me a sample of a days menu ...I am here actually for my husband so I can grt a better idea what he should e he is stage 4 but i wt to bring his numbers down so he can stay and not have to go on dialysis...thank you for any help you can give me
    Since they posted this thread 9 years ago, I doubt they even still come here. Hell, they may be dead!


    • I have been reading Lee Hull, and he recommend lower protein than the Davita books. I would substitute egg whites, perhaps one yolk for instance in the omelette. I try to remember the three "P's" Protein, Potassium, and Phosphates (or any ingredient on a label with "phos…" in it. Avoid these.


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