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No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

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  • No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

    Does anyone know any brand names of non-dairy creamers that don't contain phosphates? All of the ones I am finding do. Many of the renal diet recipes that we would like to try call for it.

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    Re: No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

    I have found that 2 tbsp of organic whipping cream aren't too bad. If this is too thick I add a tbsp of water.


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      Re: No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

      That's a good idea. Thank you.


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        Re: No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

        Nondairy creamers do contain phosphorus, but the amount for some brands is a lot lower than milk so it's still an acceptable substitute.

        Here are some milk substitutes that are less than 65 mg phosphorus for 1/2 cup (4 fl oz):

        Coffee Mate, creamer 145 mg potassium, 56 mg phosphorus
        Coffee Rich, creamer, Rich Products 53 mg potassium, 53 mg phosphorus
        International Delight, creamer, all flavors 40 mg potassium, 40 mg phosphorus
        Mocha Mix, creamer, 152 mg potassium, 64 mg phosphorus

        Rice milk, Rice Dream Original, unenriched, 28 mg potassium, 29 mg phosphorus

        Soy milk Soy Dream Original, unenriched Hain-Celestial,120 mg potassium, 50 mg phosphorus
        Edensoy soy milk, original, Eden Foods, Inc. 220 mg potassium, 70 mg phosphorus (higher)

        Cow's Milk, skim, 1%, 2%, whole- includes protein fortified, nonfat milk solids added types and those without added protein) 175-224 mg potassium, 111-138 mg phosphorus

        Half & half 156 mg potassium, 114 mg phosphorus
        Cream, light 146 mg potassium, 96 mg phosphorus

        Look for unenriched rice or soy milk because the enriched versions contain calcium phosphate--phosphorus is much higher.


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          Re: No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

          Thank you very much for all of the information.
          That helps alot.


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            Re: No Phosphate Non-Dairy Creamer Brands?

            Thanks so much Sara! Where did you find all this information? I am just learning about the renal diet (now that I am in ESRD!) and as I sat down to my morning coffee realized I didn't know how much potassium or phosphorous is in my creamer. Too bad this info isn't on the label for us. Is there a certain website you use to find it? Thanks so much!


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              On the Coffee Mate and Coffee Rich creamers are those values for the plain variety or flavored ones? I like the French Vanilla flavor the most. Where are you finding potassium and phosphate values on the web? or are you contacting the companies directly? Sometimes is it is most frustrating locating that information especially the phosphorous values. It would be good if manufacturers would place phosphor/potassium values on their labels.


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       has listings of food and values. Might help on other things too.


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                  There is an app for iPhone called kidney diet. It lists potassium, phosphorus, sodium and protien levels in a lot of foods. It also has a place to to store dietary recommendations. And you can also keep an electronic food diary. You can add foods that are not in the database such as a Nepro too. It also can keep track of your fluid restriction too. It is very helpful. One thing I like about it is that is has different serving sizes and the numbers for each such as an once of whole milk cheddar cheese vs. 1 cup of cheddar cheese that you may use in a recipe. It's very helpful. I don't know if android has it but they probably do too. Hope this can help some people.


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                    Hello everyone my name is Mary and I am looking for some meals that can help me low my phosphor . I don’t know what I am doing wrong I eat veggies and I read labels and I still come out with my phosphor high I stay the time in my dialysis all I want is to cry and not eat at all .please help.


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                      Hi Mari1204! I hope you have found some support since you posted this! So frustrating to be trying so hard and not have your phosphorus come down:/ How awesome that you are doing some many good things to help yourself. I know if you search this site you will find a section where you can plan some low phosphorus meals. Also, I hope you reach out to your dietitian at your clinic. All the best!


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                        fa!rlife creamers don't have any phosphates added to them. They do contain milk.


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