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    What diet do I follow for stage3 and hypothyroidism

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    The best thing that is happening with you right now is You Are In Control of your disease!! There is so much you can do in the early stages of ckd with diet and exercise to increase your number, or if your numbers are at 3b to increase back to 3a. I've been there! Going from stage 4 ckd, to stage 3 with change in my diet and making sure I'm hydrated.

    I too have hypothyroid, and take medication, just make sure they yours is correct based on blood tests.
    If you've not yet got a good handle of what to eat, protein level intake, than I'd suggest you request a ''renal dietitian'' referral by your nephrologist. They will give you a lot of info about what to eat/drink based on your blood work...bring in your current tests, that will help them A Lot...

    Check out I've just been dx'd stage 3 ckd, there is lots of info there....If you have a question you can post there, and I'll do my best to answer.

    Take Good Care, ml


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