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High Calcium Level Glitch

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  • High Calcium Level Glitch

    I was getting calcium levels of 2000 to 4000 and started searching for why. It boiled down to a piece of cheese I had enter
    into diet helper. I entered 135mg calcium. It regestered it as 1350mg. I tried to modify the entered value but it indicated that
    the correct value of 135 was what was being recorded. I deleted and re-entered the cheese-same result. I then entered the
    13.5mg as the calcium value and it correctly resulted in a value of 135mg. I think there is a problem here.....

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    Hi 4656104,
    I can help troubleshoot to see why this is happening. Check your myDaVita messages and contact me so I can get more information.


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      i also have high calcium low D but I was born with hypo parathyroid when I was a child the doctors did not know what my problem was until I was 16 yrs old at that time I had extremely low calcium and D was .2 barely enough to keep me alive at that time they put me on liquid calcium pills and Calcitriol or D3 I remained on this level unltl a couple years ago when my calcium spiked up to 11 with no changes in my diet. but my D level remains low 6. right now I am off all calcium supplements and dairy products. My problem is it is hard to keep my Vitamin D level checked since Cigna ppo stopped paying for the blood test about a couple months ago.


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