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Tumeric and VitaminC Advice please

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  • Tumeric and VitaminC Advice please

    Dear All,
    I hope you are well. My aunt has kidney disease and on the waiting list for a transplant. I have 2 questions for advice pls :

    1) I wanted to ask if anyone knows about impact of tumeric - it’s good stuff and wanted to check if anyone here has any advice/experience.

    2) I’m also Worried about aunts immune system given the outbreak - is there a supplement or certain foods that would help boost her immunity, including low dose vitaminC

    Many thanks for your time. Stay well.

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    Tumeric and Vitamin C are both great for your health. If you're looking to lose weight, either of these nutrients can help. Tumeric can help you lose weight by helping you digest food more efficiently, as well as by increasing your metabolism. Vitamin C can help you lose weight because it helps you burn fat faster. If you're trying to get pregnant, these two nutrients are also important for both you and your partner to have plenty of energy for the big day. You can also get information technology dissertation online at home which is very easy to access if you have good internet connection.