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What are your favorite kidney-friendly recipes for fall?

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  • What are your favorite kidney-friendly recipes for fall?

    Do you have a favorite fall kidney-friendly dish? Or have questions about cooking this season for a kidney diet? Share recipes, ask questions and more here - happy cooking!
    Slow Cooker Apple Pork Roast from the Today's Kidney Diet: Slow Cooker Recipes cookbook. Download for free:
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    Good morning. I have a question about the Southwestern Style Stuffed Bell Peppers. I made them last night and as I was eating my pepper I could feel some minor cramps in my legs, and by the time I was done eating it the cramps had become quite painful. All of the nutrients in this recipe are within the range of things I can eat, so why the cramps? I just don't understand what happened. Thanks for your reply, cpi3per1


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