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Confusing information about potassium in grapes

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  • Confusing information about potassium in grapes

    I have tried to find accurate information about how much potassium is in red seedless grapes. I have found the information to be very confusing. The levels go from 3mg per 1 cup to 344mg. I keep track of my potassium and really need to find out this information. I am not on dialysis. I'm Stage 3.

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    It depends on the grapes. brand, farmer, dirt they were grown in, If you buy them in packages they'll have a UPC code on them. You can type in the UPC code here and if it's a nationwide brand it should come up when you set the Filter on Database drop down to Branded Food Products. The selection of standard Reference gives you just "generic" products.

    I use this database quite a bit and have been putting together the nutrition information in bunch of old family recipes that I like to find out what's "ok" to make and eat.


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