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The triple P rollercoaster.

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  • The triple P rollercoaster.

    I am taking my binders and sticking to a very strict diet I put myself on cause I am so damn frustrated and have another 40lbs to lose before I can get started on the transplant list journey and another 50-60 before transplant can even happen. the thing is when I find what works for me in losing actual belly fat and feeling great the labs especially phosphorus set me in a tailspin. Do I stick with what I am doing and lose and worry about the other crap later or give up what I am doing and struggle to lose the weight and further postpone getting on the list in order to keep my phosphorus in check. I also can not seem to get phosphorus and protein and potassium to cooperate and all do great levels at the same time. I get one under control and the other one goes up and vice versa. Anyone else have these problems or had these issues.

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    I would lose the LBS then work on all the rest, does you center have a dietrition


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