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    In 2007 I had 2 24 hour urine, the first one my urine 24 hour was 1,800 and everything else was normal my blood creatine was 0.6. The last time I had my 24 hour urine again in 2007my creatine , ur 24 hr was 765 normal was over 800, my creatinine clearance was 76, normal was more than 88, my protein, total urine ws 36.9, normal was 0.00-15.00 and my protein, urine 24 hour was 627.3, normal was 30.0 - 150.00. my blood creatinine was 0.7. I am not spilling protein anymore, but was concerns me was my urine creatine clearance is that your gfr? The doctors have said my kidney are working at 100%, but I did have some minor damage due to hpb and diabetes. I neph said I didn't have to come back if I was not spilling anymore protein. I am not on diabetic medicine, just watch my diet. Are these urine test really accurate? My last labs my creatine was 0.78. I have seen some posts that this is a little bit on the high side. I am just confused!

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