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  • Yoga

    Hi. Does anyone know if yoga is okay to take up again while on dialysis? I ask this because there are several moves where the full body weight is on my hands (up dog/down dog/wheelbarrow, etc.) My doctor says it's okay to do yoga but after I considered his response I realized he doesn't know much about it or how there can be pressure on certain parts of the body. I thought I should check here in the hopes someone in the forum does yoga. Do you think it can harm my fistula in any way. (By the way, I think I may have posted this before....if so, can't find it. Sorry for the repetition.) Thanks. p.s. I haven't done yoga in many months. Since being diagnosed. FYI only.

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    Re: Yoga

    I would think it would be okay as long as you avoid any postures which put undue weightof pressure on your fistula or fistula arm. That would mean avoiding any where you lie on that arm or where you support your full weight on that arm or hand. That still leaves you with a lot of postures you can safely perform.
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      Re: Yoga

      Thanks, Nancy. I guess if I go back I'll have to talk to the teacher first so as not to look stupid in the class. There is usually a whole section on Up Dog/Down Dog and that is pressure on the arms and hands...the ones that concern me the most. Just didn't want to bring attention to myself, if you know what I mean.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Yoga

        Just ask what modifications would be made if you had a broken arm. That should work.
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          Re: Yoga or any exercise

          Exercise without tearing anyyhing up is the best enhancer for feeling wonderful on dialysis there is. It just makes everything better. Under supervision, GO FOR IT.
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            Re: Yoga

            Yoga normally is very helpful for our body but you should not do hard yogas as you are on predialysis.Take some prescription of Doctor before doing.


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              Re: Yoga

              Just to reiterate what previous posters said so well:

              Yoga may indeed be possible with a fistula, or if you are on PD or are pre-dialysis. However, we all need to check with our health care teams before engaging in any new sport or exercise.
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                Re: Yoga

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                  Re: Yoga

                  What is with the spammers lately???

                  4 in this thread and none have been caught?

                  Okay .. rajank, pollstain, sonooo and peteraugusts have now been reported and sent an email as well to someone in DaVita to get them dealt with ..

                  As it is, I came to this thread because I didn't know what Yoga entails but someone was telling me to get into it because I need to really lose this post transplant weight that I have gained (30 lbs so far in 2 years and still gaining).
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                    Re: Yoga

                    Yoga has the potential to cure every disease but what is important is the way it is done. If one is doing Yoga, ensure you do it perfectly, breathe correctly, right posture, everything needs to be perfect for optimum result. Else it can have adverse effects.
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                      Re: Yoga

                      Hi, everyone. For some reason, I didn't get to see most of these responses until this week...since adding this posting, I have gone back to yoga and taken up pilates too. I decided to talk to the instructors and let them know I need to avoid pressure on my arm (where the fistula is.) For yoga, the instructor showed me how to do "downward dog/upward dog" against the wall rather than on the floor with focused pressure on my well as other, similar movements in yoga.

                      Pilates is far less focused on weight on the arms and a great addition to my work out...I can see myself doing Pilates more than yoga in the future.

                      So, for anyone else considering returning to (or starting!) yoga or pilates...a good instructor should be able to help guide us to complete the exercises in a safe, healing way. And of course, the best rule of thumb is, follow your instincts! I guess my biggest concern in returning to yoga was drawing attention to myself by not doing certain exercises. I decided to finally get over that and not worry about's been working out fine since!! The stretching exercises in both yoga and pilates are of great benefit to the body as well as our mind and emotions being on dialysis. I hope this helps some of you wondering about the same thing....



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                        Re: Yoga

                        Yoga can help achieve peace mentally mental discipline, it improves the concentration power, which gives us the enlightened condition of life. Yoga is the best way to tone muscles and make you stronger. The practice of yoga offers a good habit to improve breathing and prevent muscle soreness. It also keeps your metabolism and promotes flexibility, discipline, attention and facilitate the movement.


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                          Re: Yoga

                          hey , i could suggest you if you got any problem while doing any exercise.please concern to your doctor immediately.Yoga have different posture and poses which help a lot . Many postures could be perform while just sitting and taking breath.
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                            Re: Yoga

                            Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines. Yoga can help bring peace of mind, mental discipline, improve concentration power, which gives us the enlightened state of life. Yoga is the best way to tone muscles and make you stronger. The practice of yoga offers a good habit to improve breathing and prevent muscle aches. It also keeps your metabolism and promotes flexibility, discipline, care and facilitate movement.


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                              There is usually a whole section on Up Dog/Down Dog and that is pressure on the arms and hands mobile auto glass repair