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weight gain. Stage 3/4 chronic kidney disease

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  • weight gain. Stage 3/4 chronic kidney disease

    I am new here my egfr are has been sitting up around 20 this last 2 months I have had chronic kidney disease for approximately4 years I am in my mid 50s. I would say I have been eating better than normally because most of it is salads and soups but I am gaining weight I have put on on 8 kilograms in about 6-months this may be due to the lockdown and non exercise but I'm not sure my doctor said maybe fluid but surely it would not be 8 kilos in fluid can anyone advise on this are they the same as me I mean 8 kilos of fluid is a lot right .
    protein is leaking into my urine so does this mean I have to limit my protein I would say I would eat one fish or one chicken fillet per day I'm just sick and tired of eating rabbit food and Lettuce it is so boring it seems that everything has salt inside.
    has anyone gained weight to 2 kidney disease and also since my egfr is around 20 then surely I am kidney disease stage 4 and not 3 as my doctor says I have read on Google that egfr are of 20 is stage 4 is this correct
    thank you so much in advance
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