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Medicines hurt weight-loss?

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  • gkcoley
    started a topic Medicines hurt weight-loss?

    Medicines hurt weight-loss?

    I've been working out hard and dieting all year. I've lost 10-15 lb. I have a LOT more to go but I have been stuck for 3-4 weeks.

    2 Questions:

    1: are there any medicines or binders that could be holding up my weight loss

    2: to a lesser extent, are there any diet pills that would be okay to take?

  • Royster
    Why do you need substances that prevent you from losing weight? You need to use on the contrary, what you now have. Eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, and exercise. Sport is the key to a happy life. When I started eating right and doing sports, first I lost some weight, and then I started to gain weight. Now I am so interested in sports in the gym that I even decided to try the boldebolin steroid in order to improve my physical performance and build muscle faster.
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