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I have a beautiful rose bush in the garden

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  • I have a beautiful rose bush in the garden

    When it blooms, and it happens twice, the petals fall off within a couple of days,
    is there anything I can do to make them last longer, please?
    Thank you in advance!

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    It seems strange, but sometimes flowers will last longer if you refrain from watering them.


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      They like a good top dressing from rotted manure or your own compost in spring or autumn.


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        The advice about watering is good, I used it too with my red roses, and it worked. It’s not that you have not to water them at all. It’s just there should not be too much water in the soil. It’s like conservation or something like that.
        Also, you can look for some additional gardening advice on I like this website and use it whenever I have a gardening question. They have hundreds of gardening ideas here, and you will find one.
        When something is your hobby, you want to develop and become better. It is a way to become a better gardener for me – to learn more.