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Unable to see all lab results

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  • Unable to see all lab results

    I?m unable to see all my lab results. I can?t see my Creatinine or BUN levels there, but can see several others like Albumin, Potassium etc? Please Can someone help in enabling that I see all the lab data (including treatment) that Davita has in their database. I know Davita has this information, since the Doctor is able to access these. Also for instance I was able to see my treatment pre and post weight until a few weeks back when it disappeared.

    I have asked a few people at my local office, but they have not been to help me so far.

    Please, Can someone at least point me to the support staff that can help me?


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    Can any one help? Not sure if any one reads them


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      The DaVita Health Portal only delivers the lab values that are on the Nutrition Blood Test Results report the dietitian provides at the dialysis center. It does not show other labs like BUN and creatinine. You can ask for a copy of the complete report at your dialysis center.
      The treatment vitals should show up if you are dialyzing in a center. This information does not show up if you do dialysis at home. To report the issue go the the home page and click on the blue Help Center button on the right side of the page. Scroll down to the orange box and click on Contact Us. Complete the form and someone from the website team will help troubleshoot.


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        Thanks RDSara for your response. I did submit the form online, I have gotten no response from Davila folks. I have raised with my local Davila clinic as well. They have not been able to provide answers. I will keep trying.


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          Hi Arunmk123, Someone will be in touch with you next week. You can send me a message via the myDaVita messaging.


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