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Patient complaints ( Smelly Food)

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  • Patient complaints ( Smelly Food)

    Hi there, I am so very curious about how problems are reported or how they are dealt with. I am currently having a problem with my facility because there is an individual, another patient that brings in smelly food. I mean the food smells so foul that it wakes me if I'm sleeping. I reported the problem to my technician, only to have nothing change. I voiced my complaint with the facility advisor and they determined that I needed to move from my current position so I'd be further away for the smelly food, that was making me ill. However, this did not work. The patient continued to bring in smelly food and I was told that I could move yet again. Now, if I choose to move again I would lose the technician that I have come to trust. I feel like I'm being punished because this guy brings in stinky food. I have tried everything wrote emails, complained to my nurse, doctors, my regular technician, and anyone that would listen. But this patient continues to bring in foul-smelling food that not only disturbs me but other patients as well. I have decided to write this letter because I have asked other patients if they too smelled this guys food, only to find out that they too are being disturbed by the smelly food orders this patient brings into the clinic. It seems as if the administration is doing nothing for those who complain as nothing has been addressed with the root cause of the problem, which is the individual that is causing so much grief to other patients with his smelly food. Any ideas about what I should do next?

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    stop being a ***** and tell the man with the food


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