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Kosher Cooking on Dialysis

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  • Kosher Cooking on Dialysis

    I am at a loss of what to eat during Passover. I am Ashkenazi, so no rice products, no potatoes...
    Please post me ideas, and suggestions. Thanks. חג כשר ושמח

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    Passover is not so hard. You didn't write your diet restrictions like diabetes or low protein. To me, I mostly eat meat and low potassium vegetables these days so I can still do that during the holidays. There is matzo brie and I saw couscous is ok. And there are some noodles that are sold in the supermarket. If you don't have potassium issues potatoes are still ok.

    I make roast beef and sort of fork on a coating of mustard and onion powder paste (I mix them together until they are a pasty mixture) and then just cook normally.

    I also bake chicken pieces with skin up at 425 for about an hour sprinkled with onion power and paprika. The higher heat makes the fat burn off the skin so it's crispy. You can really try any powdered seasoning topping. Or matzo meal also works.

    My other Passover quick meal is to put a slice of cheese on a matzo until the whole matzo is covered, and toast 1 minute. The cheese melts into the matzo and the matzo gets crispier from toasting.

    Eat lots of veggies (no grains or peas or beans) and fruit so the matzo doesn't sit like a lead weight in you system 'Hope that helps a little.


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