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Medical Records Requests?

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  • Medical Records Requests?

    I am trying to get a copy of my medical records from Davita for the time I spent on dialysis up until my transplant, but the message on the line I get transferred to by the operator is really hard to hear the email or fax number it lists to send the request. Also, I can't find any form online which I can fill out to email or fax in. Does anyone have the fax number or email for Davita Medical Records Requests and where the form is that needs to be filled out? Any assistance would be appreciated!

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    Same concern. Hope there's someone that can give their advice.


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      The reason I am worried sick over this trip is he wants to take our young daughters along with him for summer vacation. The thought of something happening not only to him, but to them (you can imagine all the 'situations' I can create in my head) was making me sick. Masonry