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Question about the Diet Helper

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  • Question about the Diet Helper

    Good afternoon. I have been faithfully tracking my food with the Diet Helper for about 3 weeks now but when I click on Summary or 7 day Summary everything is blank. Does it not keep track of your tracked items? I have been on the CKD diet for a very long time (over 22 years) so I just put in what I have eaten afterwards. Does it not show this? Or am I doing something wrong? (Which is so entirely possible!!!) Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thank you!

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    Hi Irishlass,
    The Summary and 7 day reports reflect meals you have planned. You can click on the plan button before the track button to see items in these reports. There is another report I prefer called the Tracker Food Report (look for it in the dashboard). It will list all the foods you track by meal and show subtotals and totals for protein, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Hope this is helpful! RD Sara


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      I just tried to find the 'Tracker Food Report' in the dashboard and couldn't find it.


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