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  • technical problem

    I am new to this site and for the life of me I cannot find the button that enables to post a message.............your advise please

    Researching information is stressful enough and when I scanned this site I felt it was one that I could find comforting. However, my first task of posting is not obvious. It certainly is not answered under troubleshooting.

    Please give me direction and e-mail me at

    Signed: frustrated!!!

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    Re: technical problem

    Everlasting, you posted just fine. Come back and let us know a little more about yourself.

    Tip: by the quote button: second button over is a quick reply button, click on that, type your post, then after you do a message hit the "post quick reply' button at the bottom. or for a more lengthly process on the left hand side of the post, click the post reply button. If you have a lot to write, write the text on note pad or word and then copy over to one of the two button choices.

    It will be ok. You did start a new thread!


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