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  • Other people's scents

    I am writing to complain about a situation at my dialysis center. That would be the Oregon City (Willamette Valley) center in Oregon City, Oregon. I can't get anyone to listen to me. Most businesses have a policy about this problem. YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE SUCH A POLICY. When someone wears a perfume or scent that is so obnoxious to another, that scent should be banned! I have had to leave 2 of the last 3 sessions that I have gone for treatment. It makes me sick to my stomach but neither the nurses nor office staff will stop it. I usually go from 12pm to 4pm, M, W & F. My FA has been gone for quite a while & I don't think anyone has told her. The person causing this problem's name is Clarice. I don't know her last name. The center phone # is
    503-557-1373. My name is Linda Lesh. My phone # is: 971-221-3407. Thank you for a quick response. Also, if you could order us some new chairs, please. Ours are falling apart. THEY WERE NOT REPLACED DURING the last our
    remodel, as Kevin (FA) stated. He lied. Also, we need chairs with heaters that work. The air conditioning & 5.5 hours of sitting makes it necessary. Thanks. 😉
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