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    Many questions i have but noware easy to ask them.

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    I have a complaint with the nurse, Doctors, and staff, I have complained on many time to social worker and to all of Davita employees nothing has been done. The staff is abuse to my arm. Incompetent. Therefore, I had to get emergency surgery on my arm because they puncture my graft On 10/26/2020. If I didn?t get the surgery I could of had an heart attack because blood was flowing in my left arm. On February 12, 2021 I received a call from Dr. Sushil Sagar after leaving Diaysis treatment that my blood, Hemoglobin was 5.6., when in fact it was 6.4. The point is in my portal document it said on 01/29/21 it was 7.4/ on 02/09/21 it was 7.1/ on 02/12/21 it was 6.8. What I want to know is why they waited so long to give me that information. They know I am chronic Anemia (CKD). I suppose to get Iron shots and Epoetin Alfa injections on every visit. I would like a copy of my file to see how many times it was given to me. On February 13, 2021 I was an out patient at John T Mather Hospital for blood transfusion. On February 15, 2021 I came to Diaysis late and they tried to put needles in my arm to be treated, pulling out blood clots many time and making me bleed a lot on my dress and losing blood. but could not access, therefore I told them let me go to my Vascular Doctor. The Vascular said that my arm was swollen and had been punctured three times. I have to get surgery again five month later. They are not recorded any thing in my records. On February 16, 2021 I didn?t have an appointment for in center Diaysis, in fact, I had appointment for (Pd) Peritoneal Dialysis. I cancel because I was weak from low blood level. On Wednesday February 17, 2021 I went to Stony Brook Hospital to be Diaysis and I was released on February 18, 2021. I didn?t go to East Islip center because they couldn?t access my arm and I had stress of what would happen to my arm, I don?t what any more damage. On February 19, 2021 I received two call first one saying That I missed too many treatments and that Dukerm Lormil, PA wants me to go to hospital to be Diaysis. The other was from Facility Administrator which at that time I told her none of her business where I would get Diaysis treatment. First of all she never talk to me about any of my concerns, second I didn?t know who she was. In the two year I been a patient I never meet her. On February 22, 2021 and February 23, 2021 I was in hospital being Diaysis and getting another blood transfusion the hospital talk with my Doctor telling them I was there at Long Island Community hospital. I see that there is a communication problem between the doctors nurses and staff . Documentation of being in hospital is never recorded this year I been in hospital four times. On February 26,2021 at 10:30 at PD. I was told that Breanna the social worker want to talk to me. Penny was there and new. Nurse Pd and the Facility Administration and Dr. Sushil Sagar on a conference call with Penny telephone on speaker. At that time he express some concern about my blood issues. At that time I explained the problems that I was having with the staff. No one in that meeting was concerned with what I was saying. At the end of the meeting I was handed a envelope that said this is what we talked about in the meeting. They know I was in the hospital and they didn?t document anything. They gave me a letter saying I canceled Peritioneal Dialysis 02/11/2021/ 02/16/2021 / 02/17/21 / 02/18/21. I was Too weak for PD training. I was not going to in center hemodialysis on 02/16/2021 I didn?t have appointment and 02/19/21 afraid to go for treatment, having problems sleeping from trauma causing me mental and emotional stress and personal physical injury. Claudia Butler Torres Divita Center East Islip 200 Carleton Ave 11730


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