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  • Lab Results

    Still CAN NOT see lab results online TERRIBLE !!😡😡 Been at least 6 weeks now WHEN will patients be able to see LAB RESULTS again? If EVER ?

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    I agree this is crazy. And drives me crazy. Its been longer than 6 weeks. I Think it's been since Aug.


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      It has been extremely frustrating that I am not able to access my lab results. It helps me be successful when I am able to see where i stand in regards too diet it helps me decide if I can have a treat or not. I find myself eating a treat too often when I have no idea what my phosphorous or potassium are. Please expedite getting this part of the Davita site back up and running. Thanks Joe


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        Come on Duh Vita, fix your Health Portal so we can see our lab results. The length of time the Lab results have been unavailable is un·ac·cept·a·ble

        Learn to pronounce



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          Not only do I want to see my latest lab results, I also want to be able to look back and see older ones. Also, I would like to see ALL the results, not just the select few. I know there are more, they just don't let me see them.


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