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Davita Pharmacy sucks

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  • Davita Pharmacy sucks

    For the past several months I will get telephone messages from Wellwerks regarding an important prescription. When I call the number left 888-9969-9591. I cannot connect with a living person because they do not leave the seven digit code the recording insists I have. This is so typical of Davita. They have NO customer service or any kind of support for their dialysis patients!! Absolutely NONE, There is no way to deal with this problem. We are forced to use Davita’s Pharmacy for dialysis related pharmaceuticals. I have therefore initiated complaints with Medicare regarding this slip-shod organization and their doctors.

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    It's sad to hear that. Why can't you go to another pharmacy?


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      .It's terrible, and I'm very sorry for you. Indeed, this company is unreliable, and it is almost impossible to get an answer from a competent living person in their support service. I was also forced to buy the medicines I needed from them for a long time, but then I found out about, and I decided to try ordering some small items on this site. It turned out to be very convenient, and I can even get some discount on my medications thanks to my insurance. Try to use their services.
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        Hello take a look on this post maybe it help!