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Lab results

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  • Lab results

    My lab result show a huge mistake in my weight. It shows my starting weight as being in the 130s lb range. When in reality it should be reported as in the 130s kg range

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    mine too it started with the site up grade


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      I am the dialysis patient. My lab results show under my wife's name, who is not a dialysis patient. Started with web site changes.Also, now have to log in under my wife's sign in


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        Thank you for your feedback. We launched the new website last week and are in the process or identifying and fixing bugs like the ones you have described. Your continued feedback really helps!


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          The new website doesn't update historical weights. Mine shows from July and August


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            Since the new website update I am unable to print my complete lab report for my doctors, plus the history. Cannot open all the data and history of each item on my lab report and have it print. I have tried highlighting and it won't print all the information, only part of it....just the main part and only prints on half page. I have tried to change that through my personal computer and the Davita website and cannot get it to work.


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              We would really like to see the pre- and post-tx BUN numbers in Lab Results.


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