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Ability to print and download all lab values from the DaVita paitent portal.

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  • Ability to print and download all lab values from the DaVita paitent portal.

    For a company so focused on controlling cost of service, DaVita sure has some odd notions. A number of Lab Information Management Systems offer direct interfaces to Electronic Medical Records systems. Many EMR's offer patient portals with access to all lab values. In fact, in 2018, it is entirely possible to post all lab values to patient portals within seconds of the LIMS completing the automated results, at the same time they are available to staff on EMRs. I realize why DaVita presents lab values the way they do; however, in 2018, it should and must be possible for patients to print and download complete lab results, not just is topic-related themes, but by lab test. I should be able to print it out according to your limited thematic presentation, or by complete results by test. I should be able to select to download results in PDF or in industry-standard format for sharing with my physician/practice EMRs. As important as the ability to see all results, and download all results, I should be able to see them as soon as they are available to the DaVita EMR for staff review. I should also have the option of downloading it in an industry-standard format for interface with my Personal Health Record systems that are so widely available, now.

    There are many arguments against requiring all patients to request staff to lookup and print all lab results, as your solution. It diverts staff from patient care and from more important staff tasks in those cases where downloading or printing from the portal would be quicker and more efficient. It distracts staff. It drives up labor costs in a way that is entirely controllable by investing in data storage and presentation, rather than unskilled labor tasks, hard copy paper, ink, and printer wear and tear. It's past time to think about this.

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    A part of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is the formation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB. It's a bit of a confusing mess at this moment so I posted about it in my blog in the hope that dialysis patients will be informed about it and read about what it may mean to them.


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      This is good to see that the Davita portal provides the ability to print all the documents which are required to print the documents which are difficult to print. Most of the students can easily get the option of content writing documentation which provides the written tips to many students. I have checked the options which provide the review platform to check the written reviews of any content.


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