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  • The website redesign

    Hi Everyone,

    We just launched the new redesign of tonight. The site has grown a lot since within the last two years and it was time to sit down and organize all of our articles and tools so that they would be easier for you to use.

    You can find out about the changes we made on our DaVita redesign overview page.

    For anyone that wants to send feedback outside of the forum, you can use a feedback form we set up for the redesign.
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    The new design looks great! It looks cleaner, much less cluttered.
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      I believe that the website redesign has a lot of benefits to the people who use it. The first benefit is that it will help everyone find what they are looking for. They can browse through different pages and categories, and they can find everything that they want. The second benefit is that it will make your content more visible and easy to access. I would recommend this site to get best graphic badges. With a new design, you are able to focus on making sure everything on your page is clear. Another benefit is that your site will look more professional and organized than before. This means that visitors will feel more comfortable when they are browsing through your site because they know what to expect from you.


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        The website redesign has a lot of benefits for those who use it. It will help everyone find what they're looking for. Their search can be done through different categories and pages. It will also make your content easier to find. You can get best graphic badges from this site. Your page will be more clear when you have a new design. Your site will also look more professional and organized. Visitors will feel more comfortable browsing your site because they know what to expect.

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