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Home Hemo Dialysis- Electronic Flowsheet Management???

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  • Home Hemo Dialysis- Electronic Flowsheet Management???

    With all the technology at hand today could we possibly have someone create an electronic flowsheet that we could fill in on phone, tablet computer, e-sign when treatment is done and email in to center??? Paper flowsheets are a real hassle out my house, how about yours??

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    Same! Paper flowsheets are such a pain!


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      NxStage developed the Nx2Me application for Apple I-Pads for HHD flowcharting and released it for use over one year ago. At that time I was an HHD patient in a Fresenius clinic and my first chance to use electronic flow charting was while on vacation in Colorado Springs. What a vast improvement over paper charting.

      The Nx2Me app connects wirelessly to the NxStage System 1 through the Connex Box (Jewel Box) on the back of the cycler. You enter pre-treatment data through scroll wheels, e..g. temperature, blood pressure, pre-weight. You can also add any comments, e.g. vascular access sites in use, etc. Once the treatment begins, you are able to view pressures and values in real time and as a graph. Any machine alarms pop up on the treatment screen and fully explain the alarm. You must still enter your treatment parameters on the cycler and respond to alarms on the cycler.

      At the conclusion of the treatment, the application records all of the treatment information, e.g. fluid removed, blood volume processed, total dialysate processed. You must enter post weight, BP and temp. You then scroll through pre, treatment and post screens before you verify and send. A secure modem is used to send the treatment information to your clinic.

      I charted in this manner starting early October 2018 through December 2018 when I switched back to my original DaVita HHD clinic. Though I gave the DaVita clinic the hard sell on the Nx2Me NxStage application and the vast improvements over manual charting, they refused to invest in the application and I-Pads because of cost.

      Realize that NxStage has been owed by Fresenius for the past year and Fresenius clinics are probably getting a "sweetheart deal" on the Nx2Me app and I-Pads that is not being offered to DaVita clinics as they are a competitor. I don't see the situation changing anytime soon. It took a few weeks but I got used to manual charting after charting electronically for the better part of 3 months.


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