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Going bak to school after COVID-19

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  • Going bak to school after COVID-19

    My daughter is going back to school next week. The school has been closed due to this pandemic, and they are restarting it again. She is in the third grade and has her kidney transplanted.
    We were extra cautious about her health during Covid as the doctors said that she is at high risk and her life will be in danger otherwise. We are afraid to send her back to the school because the corona wave is still there. Teachers said that there is nothing to worry about as professional school nurses use the School Nurse Health System, where both parents and teachers can track the children's health details.
    I just wanted to know how your children tackled this COVID-19 situation? What were the challenges, and how did you deal with them?
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    My co-parents have the same sentiments since their children belong to high-risk people. What they did was ask for reconsideration to stay their children in an online class set up. Springfield Concrete Company


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      You should also consider homeschooling. COVID is still a threat up to this day.

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        this really needs to have a sit-down conversation with children. flood cleanup long island but we should also consider the cons.


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          If you are really still scared of covid, i still think that your child should be homeschooled in the meantime. demolition contractor miami I'm still very cautious.


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            Do whatever you think is right for the kids. commercial refrigeration repair NYC safety and health is the number one priority.