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Handicap drop off and pick up inconsideration at my mother's clinic

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  • Handicap drop off and pick up inconsideration at my mother's clinic

    I suppose I just need a little advice. My mother visits her Davita clinic three days a week. The staff is wonderful, dedicated, and I have no complaint whatsoever in that department. My mom lives with my family and I provide transportation to and from the clinic each day she goes. My mother is a very large woman, and unfortunately, I am a very small woman. It is all I can do to safely get her out of the car, into a wheelchair (she is wheelchair bound) and then reverse when she is finished 4 hours later. About a year ago when we started this journey I encountered one patient caregiver (on the same schedule as my mother) whose wife is blind but not wheelchair bound, who routinely PARKED his vehicle in the handicap drop off and then entered the building and sat in the waiting room. No less than at least twice a week I had to go into the building (leaving my very ill mom in the car) to ask him to move his vehicle so that I could get my mom into the building. The center sits on a hill and the drop off is on an incline. Until you are pulled up directly in front of the door the surface is not level. I cannot physically push my mom's chair up this incline! The man always "huffed" at me but would come out and move his vehicle glaring at us the entire time. This dance continued for many many weeks before one morning I had just had enough of his inconsideration and finally mentioned the problem to the receptionist, the problem continued, then I mentioned it to the lead nurse, the problem continued. I finally requested a time change in her appointment so that I could avoid the caregiver altogether and not create more fuss. Now we are in a new time slot and what happens the first few weeks? Another patient caregiver doing the same thing but at least apologized when I came into the waiting room to make my request that she move her car. But the worst was yet to happen. This week when yet another car was parked when I went to pick up my mother, I just parked behind her and went and collected mom from the waiting room and very carefully controlled the wheelchair as we went down the incline to my waiting car. Before I even started the car up we saw the young lady come out (without an apologetic glance in our direction) pop in her car and take off. I said "Mom, can you believe people? You'd think out of everyone dialysis patient caregivers would be more sensitive to the needs of those in wheelchairs." Mom replied, "Oh that wasn't a caregiver, that was a lab tech from the hospital who comes in and picks up samples". I was shocked. I honestly don't know how to address this better than I have attempted to do already. The drop off is CLEARLY marked with multiple signs that read NO PARKING, DROP OFF AND PICK UP ONLY. Yet, no one seems to even care...not even medical professionals themselves. Advice please.
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    I totally understand. I have a similar issue but your issue is worse. My Mom goes 3x a week. There are handicapped parking spots. Mom needs to use a walker. A lot if the patients depend on a Mobility Vehicle to pick them up. This vehicle is large and takes up a lot of space. There have been several instances where this truck parks across all the handicapped spaces and I can't park. I have complained to the MTA/MOBILITY but they still do it. It is against the law to block handicapped spaces but again, nothing changed. My Mom can't walk far, she has CHF. I have seen people park in these spaces without handicapped placards or plates. I have also seen the guy who picks up blood also park there. I just scream at the drivers who think I am crazy. They don't have any clue how rude and ignorant they are.....I wish I knew what to do. I do feel your frustration.


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      There are laws where we live for parking in the handicapped spots. I would call the police.


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        Bustermom. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. Yes that would be difficult. The first thing I see is yes, there might be signs, this is private
        ​property, unless at a hospital etc that is public, there the police could do nothing but have a discussion and impress what kind of difficulties
        they are causing for others.
        ​Maybe a couple of things....I note davita has a customer service toll free number.....worst comes to worst, maybe contact them, and
        maybe they can install more signs.
        ​another idea, if you are in the same community as the dialysis unit, perhaps look at perhaps using the local general or public transportation.
        ​or the para transportation, once in a while. In some communities, it is as low as $1 each way, and the caregiver rides for free.
        ​It would all depend on the cost and availability. Maybe view it once in while as a mini time off. Also they are required to have the ability
        ​to take handicapped folks in wheelchairs. There could be funds or programs available...........or if this a continuing problem, causing a
        ​unsafe condition for the patient......perhaps the dialysis center could work out something with the transportation folks, if this is a ongoing

        ​just thinking out loud

        I wish you a successful outcome.


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          Really difficult, that should address as soon as possible about disabled parking. trap the cat


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            Yup that is something that I want to address. Thanks for this