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How to deal with husband being so rough on 12 year old.

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  • How to deal with husband being so rough on 12 year old.

    My husband is in stage 5 waiting on a kidney pancreas transplant. I am so torn by his attitude toward our daughter. I feel she is a good kid and makes mistakes like most kids do. He feels as if her attitude is malicious and he gets very upset and grounds her and yells at her almost everyday. I feel his moods and standards for her to follow are unreasonable. Has anyone dealt with this? Also, any experience with post transplant change in mood and temperament? I'm just so tired of the sort.

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    Hello I hope and pray all is well that you and your family had a great day today , My name is Terry and I?m from Apple Valley , ca My husband is a Davita patient, has been for 7 years , I was reading your message on this forums, I can relate to what your going threw I?m feeling the same , I just posted a little message just the other day regarding how I feel , and what I been up against , Davita office never discuss this information about our love ones I?m open to share my thoughts , and heart to heart discussions relating to our love ones that have a personality that is very hard to agree that all is right the way they act daily, I have my two adult sons that help with taking care of my 58 young husband that acts most of the time like 18yr youngster, hope to talk you soon , Blessings I send you .


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      Hope your husband had a successful kidney transplant and doing fine.


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        I think that's one of the symptoms. You can talk to him and try to explain everything that would not hurt him. You need some sort of patience. concrete driveway rochester ny