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Grandmother declined dialysis...should I expect the worst?

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  • Grandmother declined dialysis...should I expect the worst?

    I’ve been my grandmother’s full-time caregiver for the past 3 years. About 8 weeks ago, her grf was 16. It’d come back up. She had a hospital stay where she was acidotic and her grf was 10 then. Her doc said if she wanted to do dialysis we needed to start (at our last appointment). We haven’t gone back yet bc of covid—her medical doctor advised against us getting her out for the lab appointment. She has since decided she doesn’t want to try dialysis. She’s 81 with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, etc. Her doctor didn’t really say to me, “hey, she’s dying”, but I read an article on here today that said she could have days to weeks left. I had no idea it would be this soon?! This weekend, she’s gotten worse than normal. Her blood pressure is spiking despite all of her medicines for it. She’s having trouble peeing. She’s got very labored breathing and sounds very congested, but she’s still coherent. I’m going to call the kidney doc tomorrow and see if it’s safe to bring her for labs. It’s been about 8 weeks since we found she was at 16, and I have no idea what her number is now. I guess what I’m trying to find out is do I need to be preparing for her to pass soon or am I just panicking? I love her dearly. I just lost my mom (her daughter) in 2017. I respect her decision; I just want to know what to expect I guess. :’(

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    i m new here..i just read your is your grandmother doing?


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