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So Overwhelming!

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  • So Overwhelming!

    We found out my little brothers kidneys were failing when he went to the hospital for what he thought was pneumonia 2 weeks ago. Our mother passed away a year and a half ago so I am trying so hard to help him. He moved in with my husband and I, which I was relieved but this passed two weeks have been such a roller coaster. Every time I feel like I have a good idea of what he can eat, something changes. I love the menu planner but I feel like I am depriving him of everything. He asked about breakfast cereal and I have no idea. I feel so overwhelmed. Does it get better? How do you guys cope with this?

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    Hi! I know what you mean about the meals and then 'everything changes'. I guess I was lucky for ten whole years to just have to watch my salt intake. When I started dialysis in February 2016 my team added phosphorus and potassium. I still have a problem with controlling phosphorus! I switched from hemodialysis to peritoneal dialysis in July and then had to make sure I got enough protein and also was careful with calcium.
    I am glad that there are a ton of recipes on this site. A couple of my favorites are the apple a day muffins and the seasoned pretzels. Not sure how old your brother is but my niece and nephew also like those recipes. Good luck with everything.


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      Btw, I really like Rice Chex, I eat it with Almond milk.


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        Hi livinlg, thank you for sharing some of your favorite recipes! Glad to hear you're enjoying them


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          My husband and I are 6 days into this journey. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kydney disease.after a routine visit to our doctor. His lab test showed dangerous levels of potassium and creatine. He had to have 2 units of blood because he was severely anemic. I am so overwhelmed by this situation. There is simply not enough time to do all I have to, my son is Autistic, my husband wants to do home dialysis and set it up in our that means a major amount of work cleaning and rearranging furniture..,he痴 just really demanding and not considering what that means what that means in terms of getting all this done before he is ready to begin dialysis. I have to cook 3 meals a day, two different dietary needs which doubles the work as my son wont touch what my husband needs to son does not handle change very well so any change in his routine is met with a major melt down...I知 running on empty here and I知 not sure I can do all this....we had our introduction to dialysis by a home health person...who told us we would be attending classes every day for about 6 weeks...then she demonstrated all the hoses,extenders,and various gadgets and where they would put things...I知 not normally someone a squeamish individual and I知 usually very good at handling emergency situations. But the more she talked the more tubes and fluid bags the more nauseous I became...when she demonstrated the hose or tube or whatever and that it would meld with his the time she finished I thought I was going to be sick...I excused myself to go to the restroom and splashed water on my face..when I had pulled myself together, I started back to his room and I started feeling sick again and everything went black and down I went. I致e never fainted in all my years but the thought of my big strong Marine was going to have tubes coming out of his body and spend 8 to 10 hours hooked to a machine just to stay alive...I guess it just was to much to fast for my mind to cope husband seems to be in denial he won稚 talk things through, he won稚 do the paperwork that has to be done, he just sits in his chair, puts headphones on,and watches movie after movie..I知 so far out my depth I just don’t know which project to start on so I知 just kind of flitting from one thing to another....and I知 feeling very alone my husband is here in body but not in feels like he has just checked out and I致e already lost the love of my life to this horrible disease.... I知 coping but I知 sinking fast...
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            ValH1983, From what I gated from what you've written, your plate is full and have no room for more. Correct me if I'm wrong. My suggestion is be honest with yor husband NOW. Let him know you don't agree with being his caregiver in helping him with his home treatment. He can choose in clinic dialysis or he can choose in home but HE will be doing it himself as other people do. By doing clinic dialysis he can drive himself or transportation will be provided for him. As long as he is of sound mind he is capable of doing his own paper work, meds, appointments and arrange his treatments. By doing everything for him is not going to help matters. I would speak up now.


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