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Share your experience with Massage Therapy. Is it beneficial for Kidney disease?

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  • Share your experience with Massage Therapy. Is it beneficial for Kidney disease?

    I would like to hear about any experience with Massage Therapy that has been helpful supporting any treatment for Kidney disease. Massage promotes lymph movement and helps the body cleance, but is it beneficial for Kidney disease, or does it exacerbate symptoms?
    I found a website for alternative care that I found interesting:

    I look forward to hearing responses.

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    I have done massage and chiropractic to slow down the disease. I have PKD and therefore, I have cysts in the kidneys and
    will never reverse it. When I taught I went to both to keep blood flowing to the kidney's and to make sure the one cysts that
    affects my exoskeleton would ease the pain away. Now, retired, I just go to the chiropractor once or twice a month because of the expense and
    Medicare does not pay for a massage therapy treatment and I do not have the money to have that done on retirement pay.
    The treatment takes the pain away and keeps me moving. I have knee and ankle problems too which the chiropractor adjusts when
    the knee goes out which may cause a second treatment each month. When I go the extra time he always adjusts the kidney area
    to keep the blood flowing there.


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      I have been told that I am stage 3 and I do not know what to do. and of course I was told to quit somking and lost weight well l m,down beout 16 Lb. and that is going from , I guess I need some help in knowing what


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        I recently had a 60-minute full body massage. If anyone didn't know, it usually starts with a head and scalp massage to get you relaxed. Then the massage therapist will work on your neck and shoulders, move on to each arm and move on to your feet and legs. Then you will turn over on the massage table and he will work on the back of your legs and possibly your buttocks. This whole thing happens on a massage table, which you can read more about here . My massage therapist had almost the best massage table.


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          Where can I buy a humidifier for my spa?


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            Humidifiers help your skin stay hydrated and supple. In the winter time when the air is colder and drier, skin can’t hold onto as much moisture as it can with warm air. You need to supplement [moisture] because when it gets dry enough, the moisture on our skin evaporates into the air, also you can try aroma diffuser from Muji. This is particularly important in the winter. Any way you can add humidity to the air in an environment in which you spend a lot of time is going to be helpful.