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Hubby in hospital with fever and confused

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  • Hubby in hospital with fever and confused

    My husband woke up during the night with chills and complaining of a very sore back. He did not sleep well and I let him sleep late. I checked on him a couple of times during the morning to cover him up. At 11:30 I checked his blood sugar, 5.2 and decided best to give him something to eat. I noticed he was not waking up, but continued to chew the cereal. I started to question him and his answers were slow in coming. I asked him to lift his arms and said he couldn't. I called for the ambulance, thinking he had a stroke.
    At the hospital, his temp was 102. CT scan showed no stroke this time, but there had been previous mini strokes. They thought possibly menningitis, but spinal tap would confirm this.
    His blood tests showed elevated WBC, GFR 16, Creatine 4, BUN 103. Possibly, slight pneumia.
    So they have him in ICU in isolation. Due to possible contamination from some infection. Possibly a kidney stone, since his abdomin is very tender. He was getting antibiotics for the infection. So just waiting for tests and cultures to come back.
    He was still very confused and wanting to sleep the entire time. His urine is very dark yellow.

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