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Anger Towards Caregiver

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  • Anger Towards Caregiver

    My husband is in Stage 3 (hopping between a and b). He is almost 89 and on a lot of medications (thyroid; blood pressure; gout; EP; sleep problems, anger, pain, etc.) Lately he has been getting upset about minor things, directing his anger towards me and telling me to go live with our kids as I obviously don't care about him. Last time was Sunday when some of the kids took me to the Faire for the day. He said he was only angry because the cat felt abandoned. That he already knew I didn't care about him!

    For years I have handled everything, including all his health issues and memory problems, which have gotten worse. He has also started having nightmares and thrashing so much at night that we now have separate bedrooms. I have a recent Cochlear Implant and he keeps hitting at it (not good).

    I don't know if CKD can cause such systems or if it is something else. He is on a 3 month schedule for doctor visits. I keep notes for his doctor.

    He is also trying to isolate us by not wanting friends of family to visit - or me to go out and leave him as he claims he only has months or a few years to leave and if I love him I would not leave him alone.

    The other thing that has suddenly changed is that after two years of being content to let me do the driving (he kept getting lost) he now wants to drive and go out by himself. He would be a danger on the road and last time he was out with me he kept giving me wrong directions on turns and getting upset when I didn't make the turns he indicated.

    All this fairly recent.

    Not sure what it all means. I keep biting my tongue and try to keep a smile on my face as I go do yard work lol.

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    I sympathize with you, keep fighting! No matter what, stay strong and smile. You are truly a wonderful woman!


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      The fact that their care consumes every waking hour may cause you to feel bitter at the same time. trap the mouse